Industrial Disc Brakes
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Alanco Alamatic has been successfully manufacturing Industrial Disc Brakes since 1966 and we provide a first class service to all our clientele. We are the only Industrial Disc Brake manufacturer in the UK that is totally British owned - something that we are very proud of.

Alan Breeze founded the company and with many years of enthusiasm, passion and commitment, he established Alanco Alamatic as a leading brake manufacturer. Alan sadly passed away in November, 2001, and the Company is now directed by Mrs Breeze, her son Nigel and daughter Carol.

The original idea for Alanco Alamatic disc brakes came from cycling. Alan Breeze was a keen cyclist and he recognised that the wheel rim was effectively a disc onto which the original side pull cable applied brake worked. This idea evolved into pneumatically applied disc brakes working on cast iron brake discs for a vast range of machinery.

The original Alanco brakes were designed with an emphasis for performance/power. Because of the pivoting design of these brakes, there is a leverage advantage which effectively means you can achieve three or four times more braking power than direct acting brakes.

Over time, different grades of lining material with different co-efficient of friction figures have been developed, the end result being that the Alanco brakes cover a huge range of applications.

The idea for Alamatic brakes came as vehicles started to go from Drum Brakes to Disc Brakes. Although we do not manufacture brakes for the Automobile industry, many industrial machines used Drum Brakes but these were notoriously difficult to control and a lot of guess work was needed to create the correct braking force.

The beauty of pneumatic brakes, is that there is a clear air pressure reading and the pressure gauge will enable a machine operator to know, time after time, the brakes performance.

The design of the Alamatic brakes is aesthetically pleasing and the compact design helps complement modern machinery. When replacing old Drum Brakes with Alamatic Disc Brakes, the disc and brake always looks and works better.

The staff at Alanco Alamatic hope that you, and our customers, will find reading this brief history makesĀ  for interesting reading.


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