Industrial Disc Brakes
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Air brake ALA1


The ALA 1 is the smallest of the pivoted arm style of brakes.

This brake is designed to work on small diameter discs 13mm thick.

Two mounting versions are available, vertical (foot mounted as shown)
or horizontal (single bolt fixing).

Technical information

ALA 1 brake

ALA 1 brake torque graph


Air brake ALA25

ALA 2 and 5

A larger version of the ALA1 brake.

Two brake chambers available (Type 2 & Type 5) depending on performance requirement.

Also designed to work on a 13mm thick disc. Mounting options as ALA1.

Technical information

ALA 2 & 5 brake

ALA 2 & 5 brake torque graph

Air brake SP


The SP range of brakes are more powerful than the ALA 2 & 5. Designed to work on 13mm or 25mm thick discs, with a minimum diameter of 200mm.

Technical information

SP 67mm

SP 67mm brake torque graph

SP 133mm

SP 133mm brake torque graph


Air brake DP


This is the largest of this style of brakes, for heavy duty applications.

Designed to work on 25mm or 50mm thick discs.

DP 24 & 36

DP 24 & 36 brake torque graph