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The Pneuflo all-pneumatic tension control system, designed by Alanco-Alamatic has proved to be a success with manufacturers and users of small and low cost converting machines.

With most of the features found in electronic tension controls systems, it has a wide variety of converting machine applications, these range from plastic film conversion through to heavy-duty flooring lines. Being simple, it is low cost, and easy to use, not needing any complicated on site calibration after installation.

The Pneuflo is now available with such features as “soft start” as standard, making it particularly suitable for delicate material unwinds.

Comprising of two tension transducers, that are easily fitted to an existing fixed shaft idler roller, which provide a linear tension versus pressure tension signal that is displayed for the operators benefit onto a calibrated gauge. All the operator has to do is to set the required tension on a similar calibrated gauge.

By having no electrical components, this system is ideally suited to applications in hazardous areas.

A variation on the standard system is when there are several unwinds, but they need all the same tension value. The Pneuflo can easily be cascaded, so that each individual system controls the tension to the same value, regardless of varying reel diameters on the different unwind stands

Whilst it is normally applied to pneumatic unwind brakes, our Pneuflo unit can also be supplied to operate any pneumatic rewind clutch.

Another variation is a simple tension indicator version. This is often used for small pilot coaters, and other areas where it may be difficult to automatically control the tension. For this type of application, a common feature is the dual tension range option. This is useful where a wide range of web widths and/or substrates are used. The operator can select either a high or low-tension range according to his/her needs, and the calibrated tension display is re scaled according to the tension range.

pneuflo tension controller

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