Industrial Disc Brakes
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Safety Chucks

Safety chucks are used for supporting a product reel which requires unwinding or rewinding.
The shaft through the reel would have square ends which locate into the square jaw of the chuck.
The handwheel on the chuck closes automatically when the reel starts to rotate.

Horizontal mountedFlange mounted safety chuck

Safety chucks - mountings

Two mounting options are available with all safety chucks - Horizontal or Flange mounted as shown opposite.

Safety chuck - diagram

Safety chuck - diagram

Safety chuck complete with brake assembly providing tension to the product as the reel unwinds. It can also be used for stopping/holding, preventing over run of the product.

Safety chuck - mounted on sidelay unit

Safety chuck - with sidelay unit

Safety chuck with brake mounted on a sidelay unit providing lateral adjustment for product alignment when unwinding.

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