Industrial Disc Brakes
Celebrating 50 years in the Industrial Disc Brake industry
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At Alanco Alamatic we manufacture our own industrial disc brakes (industrial disk brakes), industrial brake discs, safety chucks and tension control equipment. Additionally, we are the only such Company, located within the United Kingdom, that has totally British owners. We have been providing our Clients, with our proven products, for several years. We shall be celebrating our 50th year, in 2016, in the industrial disc brake (industrial disk brake), safety chuck and tension control industry.

Our diverse range of products are used for converting applications, where the manufactured item is in reel form. Typical products, in reel form, include paper, plastics, plastic film, aluminium foil, textiles, cables and steel. Our industrial disc brakes (industrial disk brakes) can also be used in a wide range of linear applications such as test rigs, conveyors, bridges and tension control systems, in addition to general stopping, or holding duties - for industrial machinery.

We can offer you a vast range of products to satisfy your particular requirements.  

We manufacture a range of industrial disc brakes (industrial disk brakes) and industrial brake discs (industrial brake disks) which accommodate most requirements. These include our :-

Alanco Range
AM range
Double diaphragm tension brake
Failsafe Spring applied brakes
Hydraulically applied disk brakes
Manually applied disc brakes
Safety Chucks
Brake discs - materials and sizes
Brake applications
3D Drawings - downloadable files for brake discs and discs

The Safety Chuck brakes are used for supporting a product reel which requires unwinding or rewinding. The shaft through the reel would have square ends which locate into the square jaw of the chuck. The handwheel on the chuck closes automatically when the reel starts to rotate.

Tension Control

Amongst our range of tension control equipment is our famous and proven pneuflo all pneumatic tension control system which is ideal for use on any unwind using a pneumatic brake. At about half the cost of an equivalent electronic load cell system it has many of the same features,such as

  • Actual web tension display for the operators benefit
  • Exact tension set point, for accurate setting
  • Soft start ( to provide smooth operation)
The system comprised two pneumatic "load cells". these are mounted onto a fixed shaft web path roller, and provide an air pressure signal accurately proportional to the web tension.

The small wall mounting cabinet contains all the components for control, and the system can operate any proprietary pneumatic brake (or clutch). Remember that Alanco Alamatic are specialist manufacturers of equipment to either stop, or tension control industrial machinery. If you require industrial disc brakes, industrial disk brakes, safety chucks, tension control equipment or even a bespoke system designing - then look no further - we can solve your problem.

Alanco Alamatic have been solving customer problems, in these areas, for the past 40 years - contact us now for professional, prompt, impartial advice and let us find a solution to your industrial disc braking (industrial disk braking), safety chucks or tension control problem.

In response to Client requests we now accept payment by major Credit Cards.

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