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Safety Chucks

Safety Chucks are used to support a product reel that requires unwinding or rewinding. The shaft goes through the reel, which has square ends to locate the square jaw of the chuck. The handwheel on the chuck closes automatically when the reel starts to rotate.
The best way to load and unload a product reel into an unwind machine is by using a pair of Safety Chucks. An air bar will be put through the reel. This air bar will have a square on each end, and these squares fit into the square insert in each of the Safety Chucks.

When the product starts to rotate, the Safety Chuck handwheels also rotate and roll into the closed safe position. The Safety Chuck is designed in such a way that the handwheel will only open when in the correct position, and there is no chance of the roll falling out accidentally.

One or both of the Safety Chucks can be fitted with a brake so that the product tension can be controlled.

At the rewind end of the machine, a plain Safety Chuck and a Safety Chuck with a stub shaft can be used. A gear/drive can be put onto the stub shaft to rewind the material.

Safety Chucks are widely used in the Converting Industry and have proved to be a very cost effective way of increasing the efficiency and safety of machines.

Safety Chucks available

Two mounting options are available with all Safety Chucks: horizontal or flange mounted.

Safety Chucks can come complete with brake assembly providing tension to the product as the reel unwinds. It can also be used for stopping/holding, preventing over-run of the product.

Finally, Safety Chucks are available with a brake mounted on a sidelay unit providing lateral adjustment for product alignment when unwinding.

We supply Safety Chucks for a wide variety of machines.

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