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Air applied tension brakes

We manufacture and supply air applied tension brakes which are used on converting machinery of all sizes, from plastic film to steel cable.

Alanco Air Applied Tension Brakes

The basic design consists of two arms that pivot together, very much like a pair of pliers. The smaller brakes are made using aluminium castings, which are assembled using various pins and ‘nuts and bolts’. The bigger brakes are made in the same way but using cast iron castings.

The main advantage of using air brakes is that the air pressure supplied to the brake can be adjusted from virtually nothing up to 100psi (7 bar). This means that if a machine uses large and small reels, the same brake can be used with different ranges of air pressure.

The Converting Industry is the main area where these brakes are used, although anything which is rotating or sliding may require a brake.

Air applied tension brakes

Alamatic Air Applied Tension Brakes

There are four basic sizes of brake in the Alamatic range. The smallest brake in this range is made with a resin compound designed for very light, ultra-sensitive braking. The other three sizes are made from cast aluminium in a similar style to a car disc brake. Multiple callipers can be mounted around a flat or ventilated disc to cover a huge range of applications.

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We supply industrial brakes for a wide variety of machines and uses.

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