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Failsafe brakes

If there is an emergency and all supplies fail, failsafe brakes are used to stop any machine rotation.
Anything from a large industrial washing machine to a swing bridge may need an emergency brake.

Failsafe brakes are becoming more and more important due to their safety, this is because they have a low wear rate, meaning that the emergency break functions properly every time.  As all the components of the key brake system are enclosed, they require minimal maintenance.  Not only that, being sealed means they also have environmental and health and safety benefits, as airborne particle emissions are eliminated.

Our range of Failsafe brakes

There are two models of Alanco spring applied/air released brakes for use with medium and heavy duty applications. These brakes are becoming increasingly popular as health and safety requirements become stricter. 

We can offer you a vast range of industrial disc brakes to solve your particular problem including:

Alanco range

  • Air applied disc brakes
  • Failsafe/spring applied disc brakes
  • Manual/handwheel applied disc brakes
  • Hydraulically applied disc brakes

Alamatic range 

  • Air applied disc brakes
  • Hydraulically applied disc brakes

We supply industrial brakes and parts for a wide variety of machines.

Contact us for specifications.